Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween: an excuse for girls to dress like prostitutes?

I am sorry, but I just do not like Halloween. It's cool for the little kids and the candy is awesome and all of that, but it just becomes the stupidest holiday ever when these kids turn into teenagers and continues, often times, as they become adults.


What are girls wearing these days?! It's just ridiculous! Halloween is supposed to be appropriate for all ages...a time of fun and candy. But noooo. Instead, girls are out there wearing skanky little dresses that make them look like prostitutes. And many of these "costumes" (I put this word in quotations because they seem more like lingerie than costumes, frankly) include bustiers and all of those little bows everywhere (seriously, I don't think your hooker pirate and stripper zombie outfits need to have bows everywhere--it doesn't change anything for you). What is up with that?

It's just annoying. And slightly say the least.

Oh, and P.S. Stop degrading our cute little kitty cats and bunny rabbits by pretending it is sexy to dress up like them by wearing leotards and tails. It's not.